This 64 Aguzzoli Condor II was a mid engined racer with body lines and layout that would be made famous by other Marques in the 70’s.

“Built on an Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ chassis and is powered by the Giuletta SZ’s engine. The car was commissioned by Giovanni and Sergio Aguzzoli, wealthy father and son salami traders of which the car bears it’s name.

Finally, Sergio Aguzzoli, Alfa Romeo dealer firms in Parma, forces his own workshop built a prototype car called the Giulietta Condor Aguzzoli. Manually model, purely functional body, moved from glass to plexi, lack of bumpers – all evidence of the desire to reduce the weight and destination of the racetrack. A distinctive feature of Condor was a centrally placed engine, in front of the rear axle – a solution that (such as sports cars, not racing) first appeared here very early in relation to the period of its dissemination.”