Recently I saw a auction for an PROTO 1429 body hammer. The seller s title was:

First problem Proto did not exist until the 1950’s. When challenged on this his answer was that everyone on ebay did this.

Then he stated it was quote: “IT IS A STYLE FROM THE 30s” So if I see this practice of an Ebay “Top-rated seller” as a normal practice.

Then I can list a 80’s Mustang as an 64 1/2 Mustang. Since it’s a type or style from that time.

Ebay has been notified multiple times of listings of this nature and yet they continue to allow them to run their courses as these are the big sellers who make lots of money for ebay.

My question is how many customers has ebay lost due to the practices?

They claim keyword spamming is not allowed but look at the listings of their power sellers and their top sellers. You’ll find a multitude of violations of this policy.