At 4.75 inches long these have to be my favorite stubbie ratchets, The knurling makes it much much easier to control and hold onto the ratchet in awkward oily or grease covered areas,

SK 45174 Ratchet.

The Snap on, Macs and Gearwrenchs with the smooth handles have given me a lot of trouble before with slipping and turning while slick.

Gearwrench stubbie ratchet

At 4.25 inches in length the Gearwrench is shorter. As you can see in the picture above. With the highly polished handle it is also slicker in your hands.

If anyone is interested in trying them the SK is at Amazon for $19.99

Added. Since this was originally posted Amazon switched the link to Tooltopias point of sale. The ratchet from them is now $30.75 with $7.00 shipping.

It can however be  ordered from eBay at a buy it now of $19.95. With $2.95 expedited shipping.


The Gearwrench is $25.40 here