As you can probably tell I am really liking this ratchet.

Early this morning a friend of mine came over and asked me if I had a short ratchet he could keep a grip on.

This gentleman has Snap on and Macs stubby ratchets so I was intrigued and went to his garage to see what he was working on. He was working on his Kenworth trying to tighten some bolts on the engine. My first comment was you should have cleaned it first.

To which he replied this is what I’m trying to stop. Major oil leak! Entire side of the engine was covered. Well we started tightening the bolts and I noticed he kept dropping his. So I tossed him my extra SK out of the car.

He fell in love with it. Not a single episode of losing control or losing the ratchet entirely.

His main problem with it was getting used to the round head selector. But after a few minutes he had it down pat.

Now the only problem is I’m going to have to find another one for the car.