New favorite 1/4 ratchet.

Ran across this Cornwell !/4 flex hard handle. At a very cheap price point. So I bought it.

It has became my current favorite. Despite being a coarse tooth it has the smoothest ratcheting action of any of my 1/4’s. The hard handle is very comfortable and fits my oversized paws very well.

My only complaint is that the head is rather floppy. This has it’s plus and minuses. It makes it easy to lift the handle to clear obstacles. However it requires you to be able to use two hands to get a socket on the end of an extension into a small area. This is due to the head dropping from the weight of the extension and socket.

Cornwell 1/4 flex ratchet orange hard handle
Cornwell Orange handle flex 1/4
Cornwell 1/4 top view orange handle flex head
Top view