Nano to come to America?

The word is that Tata the Indian maker of the worlds cheapest car the Nano will be importing it to America in a few years. The current word is that the Euro spec version will sell for about $5,000.

Now the question is how well will a basic car sell in this age of power every thing? Can Americans manage to roll up their own windows? Or will they wreck trying to find the window switch?

A dealer in Atlanta Georgia will be importing an India made pick up before the Nano arrives.

What happened to us?

We took a basic form of transportation and added so much crap to it that we waste huge amounts of energy compared to what we should.

Why does a vehicle used to travel 5 to 10 miles or less in most cases need auto and power everything? All of this power stuff draws down the efficiency and power of the vehicles.

Look back a few years 1200cc cars were agile. Now 2400cc engines are dogs thanks to all the power this and climate control items on them.

We have V6’s and V8’s that can barely pull themselves other wise any thing else.

It is totally wrong when the icon of ultimate consumerism is a fancied up military utility vehicle clone.

GM tells dealers upgrade or die!

Automotive News [sub] reports that GM will force its remaining dealers to sign “participation agreements” requiring them to complete any upgrades GM requires. If they don’t sign on the dotted line by mid-June they face having their franchise agreements “yanked” says GM’s Mark LaNeve. “They get put into the old company and get a fairly quick termination, like the Chrysler dealers did,” LaNeve said. “Their sales and service agreement will be rejected and put into the old company.” GM will send out letters to its dealers tonight, according to AN, which will detail the requirements to remain a part of GM’s happy family.

“We expect them to perform well on customer satisfaction scores and sales, have their facilities up to speed and not have any non-GM brands in their showrooms,” glowers LaNeve. But, “we’re not right away demanding new facilities,” LaNeve said. “We’re not using this as a threat in this kind of market to get dealers to… spend money they can’t afford to spend.” Funny, because that sounds exactly like what GM is up to. Watch this space.