Sears continuing the slide into obscurity?

Sears is continuing in the placing of imported tools into the Craftsman lineup. The marketing of other brands instead of Craftsman continues to gain momentum.

They seem to be bent upon self destruction.

For the past few years Craftsmans major selling point has been the fact that they were USA made tools like our fathers used.

Now the tools are unmarked as to country of origin. If you want to know where they came from you have to try and read the very very small print hidden on the packaging.

Have the prices decreased to match the lesser quality and cheaper manufacturing costs?

No! They have continued to raise.

So they want us to pay Sears prices for Harbor Freight quality items?

How long will it be before the buying public wakes up and smells the roses?

Spring is almost into summer

Summers almost here and around here I haven’t been able to do anything.

The rain has been coming down almost every day and when it’s not raining the sky is so cloudy you are expecting the buckets to tip over and dump on you.

Three major projects to do sheds are full of junk and no room to work on anything out of the weather.

I did manage to dig up a couple of small areas to plant some lettuce and peppers for my daughter.

Ebay land of scams.

Recently I saw a auction for an PROTO 1429 body hammer. The seller s title was:

First problem Proto did not exist until the 1950’s. When challenged on this his answer was that everyone on ebay did this.

Then he stated it was quote: “IT IS A STYLE FROM THE 30s” So if I see this practice of an Ebay “Top-rated seller” as a normal practice.

Then I can list a 80’s Mustang as an 64 1/2 Mustang. Since it’s a type or style from that time.

Ebay has been notified multiple times of listings of this nature and yet they continue to allow them to run their courses as these are the big sellers who make lots of money for ebay.

My question is how many customers has ebay lost due to the practices?

They claim keyword spamming is not allowed but look at the listings of their power sellers and their top sellers. You’ll find a multitude of violations of this policy.

A good idea that just vanished.

This was the handiest thing for a lot of pick up loading and unloading. It made packages and appliance moving a breeze. But the idea just vanished as pickups became more a status symbol and less and less an utility vehicle.

Will Saab survive?

Saab is one sick puppy. Third quarter results are out for the Dutch-Swedish automaker, and they’re not good: the firm has lost $70m on an operating basis last quarter, and has burnt through $160m in the the first nine months of 2010. Wholesale and retail sales in the first three quarters were down by 10 percent and 45 percent respectively compared to the first nine months of 2009, and Saab has cut its 2010 sales projections from 45,000 units to 30,000 units, or half of the 60k projection Saab started 2010 with. Improbably, the company still believes it will sell 80,000 Saabs next year, and 120,000 in 2012. And though Saab-Spyker has a negative equity of about $234m, the company says it does not need to recapitalize.

Is it a curse? Or just the results of a socialist governments meddling in the companies operations. They need an 96 or another standout car to break back into the auto world.

Can Stryker continue to throw money into the historically failure prone Saab? Or will they take what they can of the underlying designs and sell it off?

Ford posts a 40 percent March gain in U.S. sales

For the month of March, US sales for Ford Motor Co. rose by 40% and for April, it intends to extend its sales momentum by launching a full marketing campaign. Starting April 6, Ford will aim to step up its marketing for its new set of products that will be arriving.

At a conference call, Ken Czubay, Ford’s vice president of US sales and marketing, said that Ford will launch a campaign that’s focused on its products and product strength. Czubay said that what Ford seeks to emphasize are its products, and not on clearance and discounts.

Ford said that more details will be available next week about this campaign that will focus on Ford’s four product pillars — safety, quality, technology and fuel economy.

Ford also announced that consumers should expect the restyled and re-engineered 2011 Super Duty pickup and the 2011 Mustang coupe with a new V-6 engine to arrive in dealerships next month. By this summer, the Fiesta compact car is also expected to be launched.

The 40% gain in March is actually the sixth straight month that Ford had been able to record a sales gain. This figure follows Ford’s first annual increase in US market share since 1995. Ford also intends to keep its incentive spending stable.

Edmunds said that Ford’s average incentive was $3,304 per vehicle in March, down from $3,673 a year earlier. However, heavy incentives have been the norm across the industry. In comparison, Toyota’s average incentive was $2,256 per vehicle in March, a marked increase from $1,565 a year earlier.

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SK Hand tools strike

Can a company in these troubled times afford to pay all the benefits the Unions demand?

With the loss of so much USA industry due to EPA rules, carbon caps, OSHA regulations and labour laws. When are people going to realize that they are driving their jobs away?

When the company closes and these people join the unemployment line what are they going to do then. Oh I forgot then they will probably be eligible for medicaid. That will pay 100 percent of all medical costs at the governments expense.