Volvo to be made in China (rant)

Well it has been announced that Volvo will be made in China by Greely now.

With Jaguar owned by Tatra of India and now Volvo being owned by Greely of China. The selection of upper ranked cars is slowly disappearing.

Volvo made in China, I wonder how this will affect Volvo’s vaunted reputation for safety.

Considering the predominate problems we have seen from China this seems doubtful.

What happened to us?

We took a basic form of transportation and added so much crap to it that we waste huge amounts of energy compared to what we should.

Why does a vehicle used to travel 5 to 10 miles or less in most cases need auto and power everything? All of this power stuff draws down the efficiency and power of the vehicles.

Look back a few years 1200cc cars were agile. Now 2400cc engines are dogs thanks to all the power this and climate control items on them.

We have V6’s and V8’s that can barely pull themselves other wise any thing else.

It is totally wrong when the icon of ultimate consumerism is a fancied up military utility vehicle clone.

Brake calipers bolts. (Rant)

OK I give up how many bloody sockets and drivers are used on brake calipers? I have a drawer full of drivers for brakes. Yet it seems that every other car I work on uses a new one.

It gets to be annoying. Especially when the size of the tires and the tightness of the wheel wells make it impossible t see what you need before you take it apart.

Then once you find out you don’t have it, you find out that no one local carries it either. The auto parts shops were arguing me that the size I needed wasn’t used in calipers. I kept telling them to go look at it and show me what the heck did fit then. Once they had looked at it they agreed then they started that someone had to have replaced it.

I had to drive 30 miles to the nearest Sears to find what I needed.

Heck I was looking for Snap-on, Matco, or MAC trucks to wave down on the way there.

Total pain there manufacturers standardize on one size please.