New favorite 1/4 ratchet.

Ran across this Cornwell !/4 flex hard handle. At a very cheap price point. So I bought it.

It has became my current favorite. Despite being a coarse tooth it has the smoothest ratcheting action of any of my 1/4’s. The hard handle is very comfortable and fits my oversized paws very well.

My only complaint is that the head is rather floppy. This has it’s plus and minuses. It makes it easy to lift the handle to clear obstacles. However it requires you to be able to use two hands to get a socket on the end of an extension into a small area. This is due to the head dropping from the weight of the extension and socket.

Cornwell 1/4 flex ratchet orange hard handle
Cornwell Orange handle flex 1/4
Cornwell 1/4 top view orange handle flex head
Top view

Hazet 1/2 ratchets

Hazet 1/2 ratchet
Hazet 1/2 ratchet

Hazet – made in Germany – is one of the most famous and prestigious toolmakers in the world. The tools are manufactured with the latest technologies by skilled craftsmen in three factories located in the Rhine area in Germany.

This is the new for 2011 fine tooth metal Hazet wrench with 1/2″ drive.

72 tooth ratchet allows for working in restricted areas

inductive hardened ratchet

This item is shipped directly and immediately from Germany by airmail.

If I had the disposable income to do so I would order this just to evaluate it.

Again on the SK 45174

As you can probably tell I am really liking this ratchet.

Early this morning a friend of mine came over and asked me if I had a short ratchet he could keep a grip on.

This gentleman has Snap on and Macs stubby ratchets so I was intrigued and went to his garage to see what he was working on. He was working on his Kenworth trying to tighten some bolts on the engine. My first comment was you should have cleaned it first.

To which he replied this is what I’m trying to stop. Major oil leak! Entire side of the engine was covered. Well we started tightening the bolts and I noticed he kept dropping his. So I tossed him my extra SK out of the car.

He fell in love with it. Not a single episode of losing control or losing the ratchet entirely.

His main problem with it was getting used to the round head selector. But after a few minutes he had it down pat.

Now the only problem is I’m going to have to find another one for the car.

SK 45174 Stubbies

At 4.75 inches long these have to be my favorite stubbie ratchets, The knurling makes it much much easier to control and hold onto the ratchet in awkward oily or grease covered areas,

SK 45174 Ratchet.

The Snap on, Macs and Gearwrenchs with the smooth handles have given me a lot of trouble before with slipping and turning while slick.

Gearwrench stubbie ratchet

At 4.25 inches in length the Gearwrench is shorter. As you can see in the picture above. With the highly polished handle it is also slicker in your hands.

If anyone is interested in trying them the SK is at Amazon for $19.99

Added. Since this was originally posted Amazon switched the link to Tooltopias point of sale. The ratchet from them is now $30.75 with $7.00 shipping.

It can however be  ordered from eBay at a buy it now of $19.95. With $2.95 expedited shipping.


The Gearwrench is $25.40 here

Sears continuing the slide into obscurity?

Sears is continuing in the placing of imported tools into the Craftsman lineup. The marketing of other brands instead of Craftsman continues to gain momentum.

They seem to be bent upon self destruction.

For the past few years Craftsmans major selling point has been the fact that they were USA made tools like our fathers used.

Now the tools are unmarked as to country of origin. If you want to know where they came from you have to try and read the very very small print hidden on the packaging.

Have the prices decreased to match the lesser quality and cheaper manufacturing costs?

No! They have continued to raise.

So they want us to pay Sears prices for Harbor Freight quality items?

How long will it be before the buying public wakes up and smells the roses?

Ideal SK Bankruptcy court PDF.

Acquired Assets: Ideal seeks to purchase certain of the Debtor’s assets listed on
Schedule 1.1 to the APA, which schedule remains in process but will consist of machinery and
equipment, inventory, intellectual property, certain executory contracts, supplies, motor vehicles,
computer hardware and software, licenses and permits and other personal property (collectively,
“Acquired Assets”).

In April 2005, the
Debtor’s new management team created a new company, MCC Business, Inc., which purchased
the Debtor’s parent company, Strafor Facon, Inc. n/k/a Triat Industries, Inc., and its subsidiary,
i.e., the Debtor.
3. The Debtor has experienced a significant decline in earnings caused by several
economic conditions, for example, loss of certain top customers (including government
contracts); increasing labor costs; the impact of the recession on industries upon which the
Debtor depends for sales, e.g., automotives; and the cost of an under-utilized, leased distribution
facility in McCook, Illinois.

Oh and just a a point of interest. If you look on page four, Wright tools was one of the companies on the SK HAND TOOL CORPORATION SERVICE LIST.

Wright 3430 3/8 drive in a 1/4 body.


A new compact 3/8″ drive ratchet wrench, Model #3430, is now available from Wright Tool Company. The ratchet’s compact head design makes it perfectly suited to tight, hard-to-reach spaces. The open head design enables the user to easily see if the ratchet teeth are dirty or failing to engage. The 4 3/4″ long ratchet is ideal for work on control panels, dashboards, and other tight jobs.


Craftsman Crossforce ratcheting wrenches

One of Craftsman’s better designs, now made even better. Though disliked by some I have always found the Crossforce series of wrenches have a place in my tool arsenal.

From rusted and over torqued bolts to hard to reach nuts. They have their uses. Now with the addition of a reversible ratcheting open end they are even more versatile. One problem I have found with them is their length. This can make them awkward at times. This also gives us the excuse to buy more wrenches in different styles and sizes.



As you can see in the above picture there is also a set that includes sockets to use in the ratcheting end. This seems to me to be another great ideal. Many of us have already used sockets like this in ratcheting wrenches for some time now.