Volvo to be made in China (rant)

Well it has been announced that Volvo will be made in China by Greely now.

With Jaguar owned by Tatra of India and now Volvo being owned by Greely of China. The selection of upper ranked cars is slowly disappearing.

Volvo made in China, I wonder how this will affect Volvo’s vaunted reputation for safety.

Considering the predominate problems we have seen from China this seems doubtful.

Nano to come to America?

The word is that Tata the Indian maker of the worlds cheapest car the Nano will be importing it to America in a few years. The current word is that the Euro spec version will sell for about $5,000.

Now the question is how well will a basic car sell in this age of power every thing? Can Americans manage to roll up their own windows? Or will they wreck trying to find the window switch?

A dealer in Atlanta Georgia will be importing an India made pick up before the Nano arrives.