Ford posts a 40 percent March gain in U.S. sales

For the month of March, US sales for Ford Motor Co. rose by 40% and for April, it intends to extend its sales momentum by launching a full marketing campaign. Starting April 6, Ford will aim to step up its marketing for its new set of products that will be arriving.

At a conference call, Ken Czubay, Ford’s vice president of US sales and marketing, said that Ford will launch a campaign that’s focused on its products and product strength. Czubay said that what Ford seeks to emphasize are its products, and not on clearance and discounts.

Ford said that more details will be available next week about this campaign that will focus on Ford’s four product pillars — safety, quality, technology and fuel economy.

Ford also announced that consumers should expect the restyled and re-engineered 2011 Super Duty pickup and the 2011 Mustang coupe with a new V-6 engine to arrive in dealerships next month. By this summer, the Fiesta compact car is also expected to be launched.

The 40% gain in March is actually the sixth straight month that Ford had been able to record a sales gain. This figure follows Ford’s first annual increase in US market share since 1995. Ford also intends to keep its incentive spending stable.

Edmunds said that Ford’s average incentive was $3,304 per vehicle in March, down from $3,673 a year earlier. However, heavy incentives have been the norm across the industry. In comparison, Toyota’s average incentive was $2,256 per vehicle in March, a marked increase from $1,565 a year earlier.

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Hummer has May gains in Russia, the rest fall.

Hummer was the only automaker to report a month-on-month sales increase in Russia in May, according to figures from the Association of European Businesses in the Russian Federation.

The General Motors SUV unit’s sales rose 111.5 percent to 129 Hummers.

Every other brand on the AEB’s list had a double-digit decline last month.

Through five months, Hummer’s sales were up 86.6 percent to 614 units.

The numbers are tiny, but they provide a bit of good news for a brand that has suffered a massive decline it its top market: U.S. sales were down 63.7 percent to 5,113 after five months.

GM hopes to be free itself of Hummer soon.

It has tentative agreement to sell the SUV brand to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.

Overall, May sales in Russia declined 58.0 percent to 119,376. Through five months, sales in the country were down 47.0 percent to 645,162.

Through May, only Hummer, Cadillac, Seat, Volkswagen, Infiniti and Citroen are in positive territory