SK ratchets?

While I own a 1/2 inch drive SK and love the SK stubbie. I’ve never really been a big fan of SK ratchets.

Recently while going through some of my tools I realized I have a boat load of SK sockets. I’ve bought them and used them for years. In my experience they are one of the toughest sockets on the market. While mine are no show pieces, being well worn and very used in appearance, they continue to give great service.

To me looks means nothing in tools. The one and only important item is the way in which the tool preforms it’s job. When I need it will it do what is needed? From SK sockets the answer has always been yes. I will admit that I have broken a few of them over the years. How ever this has been in situations where other brands have failed as well. I have cracked SK’s and then turned around and cracked Snap on’s on the same bolt. Some times the bolts are just in there too well. This is especially true here in the rust belt. The bolts can rust weld in place and be about impossible to get out.

To get back on subject I have decided that with Ideal now producing new SK tools maybe I need to get some new production ratchets and stress test them. Maybe even start to work on the 74 Jeep I’ve had on the back burner for the past couple of decades. That thing should be rusted enough to be a real challenge for them.

SK Hand tools strike

Can a company in these troubled times afford to pay all the benefits the Unions demand?

With the loss of so much USA industry due to EPA rules, carbon caps, OSHA regulations and labour laws. When are people going to realize that they are driving their jobs away?

When the company closes and these people join the unemployment line what are they going to do then. Oh I forgot then they will probably be eligible for medicaid. That will pay 100 percent of all medical costs at the governments expense.